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Ozy Removals and Storage is a leading removalists based in , Australia. Offering removal services and successfully satisfying clients in , Sydney, and Brisbane (the count is increasing every day), we are now offering our services in Canberra and Wollongong. Our team offers efficient home removal and office removal solutions supported by extensive knowledge, right approach, and state of the art resources. We take away stress off your shoulders by making your move easy and smooth. Call now!

Removal Services Canberra To Sydney
Ozy Removals and Storage is a leading removalist based in Australia. Providing removal services and successfully meeting client requirements in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, now has extended his services in Canberra to Sydney and Sydney to Canberra. Our team of experts offers effective solutions to make your home removal and office removal stress-free. Our expert’s right approach, vast knowledge, and state of the art resources helps us to take away stress off your shoulders by making your move easy and smooth. Call Now!

Skilled Team of Professionals
A combination of expertise and virtue our team of professionals provides services supported by extensive knowledge. Our team offers full cooperation with the clients and answer all their queries and make sure that your removal is hassle free.

Equipment and Resources
For an effortless and safe removal, right equipment and resources are required. We have the latest equipment and resources to support you through the tough procedure of removal to ensure your comfort.

Quality is Our Priority
Customer satisfaction is our foremost motto. We make sure that high-quality service should be given to our clients at competitive rates. We don’t compromise on quality cause your satisfaction is our priority.

Specialise in Home Removal
OZY Removals and Storage with their professional approach and skilled team makes home removal perfect by eliminating worries and making removal smooth.

Specialise in Office Removal
Moving your office can be stressful but OZY Removals and Storage deals with the issue and helps you in relocating your office efficiently with the help of their experienced team. The professionals will be available to you to make your removal hassle free.

Canberra (Special Introductory Offerings)
If you are looking forward to moving your studio apartment, 2 bedroom apartment or small office, our introductory offer on services in Canberra is perfect for you.

  • 2 Men with 4.5-ton truck
  • @ $ 950 only
Service Details        

  • Same day Delivery!
  • Home and office removal services from Sydney to Canberra and Canberra to Sydney.
  • Additional charges for upgrading the resources or if there are many tools
  • Terms and conditions apply on the offer
  • We recommend insurance to cover your move.

What you can expect?

  • 2 experienced and skilled professionals with expertise in removals
  • 4.5 Ton truck
  • Resources and materials that required for efficient and stress-free removal
  • 100% customer support during the process

Removalist Blankets, Removalist Ropes, Elastic Straps, Tapes, Shrink Wraps & Trolleys.
Tips for smooth removal

  • Ensure you have enough space for parking
  • Connect with our experts and we will help you right size of the truck and number of removalists needed for quick removal

Note: Our team will reach you as fast as possible. But please bear in mind we may run late sometimes due our previous move or location. Otherwise, we arrive early. We give you call one hour before arriving.
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